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Jan 25 2018, 08:44 PM
Looking to do a sort of pairing where there’s a familiar looking to become the familiar of someone who’s least suspecting of the power they home within them.
Smut is okay but not without plot
I’m comfortable with fading to black
I want drama and angst, romance, undying loyalty


Dec 16 2017, 07:13 PM
Looking for holiday romance plots with some dark themes or hurt comfort t it
Maybe a guy character to play opposite my girl muse smile.gif modern-ish
Fluff and angst and slapping and apologies and little smut and happiness and sadness and kidnapping and crime and pregnancy and hard loss and emotions everywhere and then...yeah biggrin.gif

Throw your ideas in there too!

Nov 22 2017, 10:20 AM
Itching for random intros in my inbox smile.gif
Hopefully this can turn into long term RP!

Please be over 18, no toilet play, beastiality, rape, scat, etc

I write in third person, past tense, multipara. I don't mind speaking Ooc smile.gif don't be afraid to plot with me!
I live in the EST, I do my best to reply throughout the day as many times as I can.

Jun 12 2017, 09:48 AM
Days had passed without anyone having seen the man that was their ruler, and the bits and pieces of rumour that passed about was that he was no longer who they believed him to be... He'd become a night walker, staying away from the sun as much as he could lest he burn and turn to ash. I'm a sense, Vlad was lucky to have lived in a land where not much sun was cast except on the best of days. It was usually an overcast, gloomy in some sorts but it was thought that the sudden gloomy weather was brought about when he'd been changed....
No one said anything, though. Never wanting to invoke the unknown rage of their king, but then again there were those who wanted to expose him for what he was... a blood drinker, a shape shifter, a monster who was believed to come through the night and suck the blood dry from the innocent to sate a craving and necessity...he was looked upon as an unnecessary evil that took the form of a human man...but in the eyes of the woman that was his wife, he was a simple man that wanted to save the people who served him.

Vlad stood at the window, looking out over the vast land and trying to come up wth a plan of action to rid them of the attack that would possible come within the next couple of days. He worried himself too much, according to his wife, and just thinking of that made a small smile come to his pale lips. She worried herself more over him worrying himself, but it was something he adored about her...the way she showed that she cared for him, it seems to soothe a growing hurricane within him...
The way she accepted him still, after the had been hard to come to her and reveal such a thing, but he'd had no choice lest she'd perished under the partial fall of his empire. She'd seen what he could do that no mortal man could, and though it had frightened her for the moment she had seemingly gotten used to it once she'd been able to grasp that mentally and emotionally he was still her husband...
"Dragostea mea..." the words slipped from his mouth as he felt her presence arriving, turning slightly to look back at her and hold out a hand to take hers.

Jun 11 2017, 02:01 PM
The wedding hadn't been something as extravagant as those up on mount Olympus, but it had been as much as Hades could make it to suit her and the family of hers that had agreed to come. There wasn't much in the Underworld, nothing that would remind her of home at least. It was dark, something that Hades didn't mind and actually quite enjoyed. Maybe she would like to bring something back from the the plains and fields to remind her of home.
It would be a challenge, but is that not what made a marriage?

"Persephone, you haven't eaten since you've come here," he'd appeared behind her within the room after he'd been done with what was going on in the audience room which he'd forbidden her to go to. "Why don't you try something....anything" He tried to sound caring, knowing it wasn't something that might not come natural to him.

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