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Nov 12 2016, 10:22 PM
Hey folks. This'll be short. I do a lot of stuff, but right now my main craving is for some dark and heavy themes in a supernatural setting -- in particular, my newest plot ("Nature vs. A Gun to the Back"), shamelessly ripped from a bad movie and (I hope) turned into something intriguing and salvageable. If that interests you at all, then by all means, please contact me. Or if you have any ideas for any of the wide-ranging genres listed on my genres page, that's a good reason to contact me too. So check it out, and I hope to hear from you!

p.s. I accept random intros too ;3
Jul 8 2015, 06:38 PM
HELLO. ;D My name’s Ten, and my website is here, if you'd like to snoop around. But otherwise, here’s an overview:

-I do f//, mxf, m//, and every other possible arrangement, poly or not, binary or not, trans or not, platonic or not. For mxf pairings, you are welcome to play female if that’s your preference.

-I'm wide open to lots of genres: modern, historical, fantasy, supernatural, sci fi, you name it. Does it require research? No problem. A strong stomach? Give me the details.

-Nope: sexual relationships that involve 7+ yr age gaps or are illegal for a good reason (like therapist x patient)

-Also nope: characters who already know each other before the roleplay starts. I like playing strangers! Just a little preference of mine.

-If you'd rather skip all the planning and discussion, feel free to send me a random intro!

-I'd love to see your plots and suggestions! I’m both happy and willing to go the brainstorming and world-building route or the quicker improvisional route.

I’ve got loose plots for:

-vampire x hunter

-werewolf x werewolf

-werewolf x human ["red riding hood"-inspired]

-thief x witch

-space pirates/aliens/criminals

Other specific stuff I’m into (all optional):

-I like your traditional vampires and werewolves as much as the next kid, but I also like some of the mythology that doesn’t pop up as often in roleplay. Nagas, ghouls, fauns, centaurs, nymphs, shapeshifters, pixies, etc.


-that “I’m not sure I should trust you but I’m not sure I have a choice” dynamic cranked up to 11

-TONE and ATMOSPHERE y’know what I mean

-a lil bit of the taboo. No, not that kind of “taboo,” I mean breaking the actual unspoken rules in this game. Interrupted makeouts, unrequited attraction, sexual tension that gets nix’d by sudden ick factor, characters who dislike orgasms, disabilities that never get cured. The taboo-taboo, not romanticizing Stockholm syndrome or whatever.

Odds and ends (still optional):

-Out of all possibilities, I’m interested in f// the most at the moment.

-What I’m really craving lately is something with gravitas & a realistic portrayal of post-trauma. Slow-burn anxiety, the aftermath of abuse, characters who have been through a lot and worn down by the world, that kind of thing. So, something written with maturity, but where “maturity” isn’t a codeword for “lots of sex” and is instead a codeword for “characters living with PTSD.” Not mutually exclusive, but you get the point.

Email me, yeah?
ihavetentoez is my gmail account; feel free to ping me on gchat too
Jul 1 2015, 06:22 PM
ooc { hey folks. never roleplayed on the barberboards before… but I thought I’d try my hand at one of these, see how it goes. this is just a lil cheap Red Riding Hood-based plot with fairytale woods and nasty werewolves and the like. separated this intro into three chunks for navigability if you’re anything like me in how you read things. enjoy. }


Yelps and snarls from across camp chilled his blood as he scrambled to hide behind one of the patchwork tents, grimy hands falling into the cold ash of a campfire from weeks ago. His heartbeat felt like a nail being driven through the front of his chest. Whenever another fight broke out like this, he couldn’t ignore the impulse to hide, even though it wasn’t him they were after. The lad had learned from experience, however, that it was worth it to steer clear when any meat – fresh rabbit, it smelled like, this time – was brought into camp, for the other werewolves had a tendency to lash out at anyone nearby as they battled for control of the carcass.

The scratches a superior had left across his face last time had yet to heal.

As long as he kept his distance, he wanted to believe, everything would be fine. As long as he didn’t look anyone in the eye, as long as he stayed out of reach, as long as he didn’t let his clawing hunger tempt him from his hiding place—

It seemed laughable to think that he had ever thought of the werewolves as a “pack,” like some natural, cohesive unit united in heart and mind by a shared sense of belonging. There was nothing natural about them. They could no longer live among the humans, but none of the turned ones knew how to live as ‘wolves,’ either. The physical transformation granted no useful instincts, no knack for cooperation, no hunting skills to speak of. He was surprised that one of them had managed to get hold of a rabbit at all, in fact – must have been a sick one. Food didn’t often come to camp often unless brought by the First, the one whom all the werewolves could trace the spread of their curse back to and whose presence bound them all to the woods. As for all the rest, the turned ones, they were nothing more than a filthy crowd of violent, inept children inhabiting second skins they had no understanding of how to use.

When he had lived in the village, he had imagined the wolves of the woods like a hive of bees—vicious when approached, but otherwise tranquil and working together amongst themselves.

Now he had the misfortune to understand otherwise. There was no peace to be had among the werewolves. The forced transformation on the night of the full moon was the least of his worries; the real curse of lycanthropy was that it came with a bottomless need: a stomach that never stayed full and an insatiable urge to consume.

Tethered to the First, the turned ones struggled to get their teeth around any prey and often turned on each other in their frustration. That was the one thing that united them in spirit.

We hunger. We hunger. We hunger.

Possessing a formidable wolf form of his own meant nothing in the face of dozens for whom the same was true, and the lad didn’t show his face until he heard the bloodcurdling noises of the battle fray turn to whimpers and whines. Shifting forward on the balls of his bare feet, he peered around the frayed edge of the tent. The First had emerged to break up the fight.


At the end of that summer, almost a year after the First had taken begun residing in the woods and collecting progeny every month, a contagious illness started to spread throughout the village. There was a known cure in the form of a poultice made from wild woodland plant, and in past seasons, bouts of the sinking fever could be easily remedied after a quick journey into the woods.

However, such a journey would now take a healthy traveler deep into the werewolves’ new domain. It was too dangerous this year to undertake.

But the sinking fever soon left the members of the village little choice if they wanted to see their loved ones survive. Fortunately, they did have a few measures at their disposal: to some extent, the werewolves could be kept at bay by the smell of wolfsbane; their flesh could be burned with silver; and, although it was not enough to rely on all on its own, the color red could often stop them in their tracks.


A fine mist pervaded the woods that day as he crept out of camp, hoping to escape the ruckus for a little while. Sunlight sank through in pale fingers from the canopy, illuminating the forest floor below, such that there was more than enough to see by even in his human form. Although he harbored no hope of catching any of them, he let himself follow the sound of the birds as he stumbled along through the undergrowth.

To his heightened sense of smell, teasing his stomach with far-fetched ideas, the forest was teeming with all kinds of animals. Tobias caught the scent of jays and ravens and foxes and wood mice… and a human.

A human?

He wasn’t near enough to the village for that to make sense.

Curious and a little alarmed, he eventually gave in to a desire to follow the scent, now walking with slow, silent purpose among the moss and brambles of the woods he’d come to know as home. The growing strength of the scent banished any doubts from his mind: there was definitely a human around here somewhere, and the thought of fresh meat, even of a body so similar to his own, was whipping up his monstrous appetite. He didn’t want to hurt them, whoever it was, but it was all he could do not to break out into a run right then and there in search of the foolish intruder with intent to rip their throat out.

For the time being, he held onto the shape of his human form, haggard and pitiful though it was. Clothed in rags that had been stitched together after being torn to shreds again and again, he looked like a gangly young man, with dirty black hair, a sharp, protruding nose, and scabbed-over scratches on his gaunt, freckled face, stubbled with facial hair wispy enough to make him appear younger than his true age.

He came to a dead stop when he caught sight of who he was seeking. It was the hood of her cloak he saw first—dyed scarlet, as red as blood, mesmerizing in its intensity. He stood transfixed a moment before he even noticed the basket, or the axe.

The werewolf made no attempt to stay hidden, stepping out of the thicket a half a dozen yards behind her back and watching her with tired, unblinking hazel eyes, pupils dilated and hyperfocused on her.

With all his effort going into holding in the wolf that wanted to devour her, he had none left to mind his inflection or his unnerving stare as he spoke in a hollow wisp of a voice, distant and light as the mist.

“You shouldn’t be here.”
Jun 19 2015, 01:57 PM
The way I figure, there are a few reasons someone might click on a roleplay ad. Either you've got a specific idea or craving that you're shopping around to potential partners, or you've just got the itch to roleplay and are looking to see if anything catches your eye. So I've divided this ad up accordingly. If you only need a general sense of whether we're a good match before you pitch me whatever you've got a hankering for, you should only need to read

PART A, the general basics

(and my website's here, if you'd like to snoop around there too)

I do f//, mxf, m//, and every other possible arrangement, poly or not, binary or not, trans or not, platonic or not. For mxf pairings, you are welcome to play female.

I'm wide open to lots of genres: modern, historical, fantasy, supernatural, sci fi, you name it. Does it require research? No problem. A strong stomach? Give me the details.

I'm a couple months shy of 22 and I kinda prefer writing with people in my age range but mostly I'm just putting this here because I know some of y'all like to know things like that before you contact someone.

Nope: pedophilia, age gaps, incest, teacher x student, junk like that

Also nope: characters who already know each other before the roleplay starts. I like playing strangers! Just a little preference of mine.

On the subject of limits, I will respect yours, whether they're in regards to fade-to-black, body horror, self harm, drugs, profanity, or some atypical other thing, whatever it may be. I may not relate to it, but I'm not going to be edgier-than-thou about it, so don't be shy to talk to me about how we can make this the most fun for the both of us.

If you'd rather skip all the planning and discussion, feel free to send me a random intro!

I'd love to see your plots and suggestions! And brainstorming, world-building, any of that -- let's do it.

Okay this is the part where you email me!!! ihavetentoez {@}

orrrrrr if you're not sure what you want, you can continue on to...

PART B, today's specials

This is just for those of you who want to know more about my preferences/are indecisive and want to know what I'd pick if asked.

At the moment I am most partial to f// or anything involving you playing at least one lady.

I also have a few open-ended intros that I could send you without much planning beforehand. One's a medfant mage x thief road trip, one's a modfant captive vamp x slayer deal, the third involves a demonic creature dropping out of the sky onto your character's doorstep, and the fourth is a modern slice-of-life blind date opener. You can literally just pick one & I'll send it to you.

Other stuff I'm really into includes werewolves, centaurs, dorky stuff like that.

Did I mention I have a big clunky space pirates plot on my website?

PART C, miscellaneous junk for those of you still reading

aka even MORE about this kid's roleplaying preferences

I'm not sure how to word this exactly, but one of my favorite dynamics between characters has shades of a D/s feel without either character fitting neatly into either side of that categorization -- with both characters being a little afraid of each other and one or the other getting the upper hand from time to time but never managing to keep it for long. Instability, unease, and the occasional rush of adrenaline, ya know?

If the plot we're using doesn't have a particular setting attached and you leave it up to me, there is a chance I will pick a desert just because I love deserts.

I also really like playing with contrast between characters -- size differences, class differences, (dis)ability differences, different ways of responding to trauma, etc. I find that stuff's fun to explore.

Okay, what are you waiting for? Have more questions? My email address is back up there. Let's do this thing.
Jun 6 2015, 05:00 PM
- Hi I want to roleplay and you want to roleplay so let's make this happen.

- You know the standard rules I bet. The one non-standard rule I have is that I don't generally like to play characters who already know yours before the roleplay starts. Just a preference of mine.

- Oh, and my webpage is here, if you want to look, but I'll try to lay out all the basics here.

- mxf, fxf, mxm are all fair game. You can play female if you want. I'll play whatever gender you want me to. This is a non-issue with me. Nonbinary folk are cool too, though I don't ever see a pairing abbreviation for them. mxnb, fxnb, nbxnb? Like I said, it's a non-issue.

- I like genres ranging from historical, modfant, medfant, sci fi, and even some modern "slice of life" if the pitch is right. Some general examples:

- ranchhands!! punks and radicals!! cliche country x city trash and butch x femme and clean-cut manicured receptionists taking interest in scruffy but cute janitors

- space pirates!! being trapped in a space ship with a band of criminals who are biding their time until they turn on each other!! new recruits and old hands and a bunch of pent-up violent impulses and engine failure and crash landings and being stuck with someone you don't trust to turn you back on

- masquerades!! jewels and gowns and concealed identities and whispered secrets and not thinking you were recognized until you find yourself being blackmailed the next day

- arranged marriages oh man my one true weakness, the absolute dread of it all

- magic bazaars and witches and potions!! loopholes in the laws of magic and "love spells" gone wrong and ancient ruins and magic carpets and trying to talk someone into giving you a lock of their hair

- cyborgs cyborgs cyborgs cyborgs cyborgs

- Also at the moment I've got this weird craving to play winged humanoids, in any time period. Preferably against a human or different fantasy species. [edit: I now have an open-ended intro for this idea! Ask me about it if you're interested.]

- And those are just a few ideas to give you something to judge me off of. Feel free to suggest others or peruse the genres and ideas pages on my site for more.

- I love hearing other people's plots! Send me your plots!

- If you're up for it, feel free to send me a random intro and skip all the discussion stuff. Otherwise, let me know what kind of settings/characters/plots you're interested in. Cool? Cool. I can't wait.

- ihavetentoez {@}
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