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Jul 9 2018, 09:42 AM
introduction and writing style;

hi! my name's em and i am a college student whose working just about full time. i have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment and probably will right up until school gets intense. i realized i only have one active thread going –– it's not too smart to put all your eggs in one basket is it?
if we have chatted before please inform me, things got a little too hard to handle for a while but i am back! and i am here to stay.
i write third person. i seem to have been preferring present tense lately, but i can definitely be strict about sticking to past tense if you so please. i really don't mind either way. i can do lazy lit and i can do advanced lit, my replies vary from 3-4 paragraphs to 12+. it just depends on what's happening in the thread.
i'll post at least once a day if not more, and if i ever DO forget please do not hesitate to nudge me. there are a few days from time to time where things just get a little too busy for me to sit down and write, but if it is going to be an extended burst of it i'll surely let you know.
i don't have very many limits, but the ones that i will list here bother me quite a lot. i would prefer if we could completely steer clear of these things. they are as follows: adultery/cheating/love triangles, eye gore, animal abuse, satanic/sacrilegious themes, and all of the usual squicks people have smut wise.

what i am looking for in a partner;

i would prefer if you are 18+ at the very least, as i am an adult and i prefer to write adult themes (this does not only adhere to smut).
i would also really appreciate it if you would inform me if you are no longer interested in continuing our thread, as i really don't enjoy investing mental space in a thread only to end up worried sick about it when there's no response. i really, really do not mind and won't bite if you tell me. i just prefer to end things less ominously! i will do the same for you.
please be a-okay with writing both genders. i know there are people out there who only write m/f and only write female and i can promise you that we are looking for two different sorts of roleplays. i might be able to budge on only wanting m//, but this is ONLY (and i can't stress it enough) if you are not just looking to sucker me into writing one of my dudes against a flat, uninteresting s-insert character.

the man from uncle;

the absolute only thing i am looking for regarding this fandom is napollya. i prefer to write illya, i can be persuaded otherwise i just have the most experience with him. i am kind of referring to the movie and not the tv series, and it's been forever since i've watched the latter, but i'm so wretchedly hungry for threads regarding these two that i would definitely not mind integrating the two versions!
we can do aus and we can do other things, i do not mind either way.

south park;

i have a myriad of aus and shit here. old habits die hard i guess, i've been rping this fandom for a really big amount of years. i'm most interested in writing the bolded characters and the stars indicate my interest in the pairing.
note: i will ONLY write these individuals 18+, please.
↳ stan && kyle***
↳ stan && craig
↳ stan && butters
↳ stan && kenny
↳ kenny && butters
↳ kyle && craig
↳ craig && clyde
↳ craig && bebe
↳ bebe && wendy***
↳ bebe && stan


i dunno dude, i have a shit ton of things regarding this but i'm really more craving the two things listed above, in that order. i love historical things, from 1920-1970 and have a bunch of plotlets that we could discuss there. i also love those super basic slice of life plots, like country boy x city boy and professor x student. i have a few crime plots too, nothing too dramatic, and nothing involving writing the criminals themselves. i do NOT do high fantasy/sci fi/supernatural things with a bunch of complex creatures and whatnot, simply because it's a little overwhelming for me and i do not have the time to learn a whole new genre. i'll do m//, f//, and will consider m/f. my preferences are in that order.


i prefer to write over email or discord! i will also do skype, and i will also consider other platforms if it's what you prefer. contact me on these or over pm's on this site:
discord: kuryakin#7110

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