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 • • • • PRO PATRIA MORI`, PostApoc 1x1 Adventure-Romance
 Posted: Dec 17 2017, 11:30 PM

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My name is Vic, I'm a 20-something engineer in the middle of nowhere. I've been RPing for over a decade and still enjoy exploring story and character with folks -- and I'd like to meet more of you! My RP style is pretty unique and I prefer to burrito my partners up in rich worldbuilding filled with in-depth side characters while still training the focus on one relationship (usually romantic). It's like a bioware game but with far fewer clipping errors.

Typically I have a pretty substantial menu of these but presently I'm limiting myself to one for personal reasons. This world and character building is totally flexible, so if you have concerns about what's on tap or spark any ideas of your own while reading, let's put them to work!

Apologies for the length; communication is critical. Do feel free to send me any questions here or in one of my contacts below!


• • • • • • I. LIMITATIONS

Kindly do not approach if you are under 18. I absolutely will not write with minors or write about minors in inappropriate situations.

My characters are usually not the most morally upright individuals and many are a little more than monstrous. Combined with my interest in the macabre and carnal, I must press that you consider what you are not comfortable with. I will respect your boundaries.

• • • • • • II. SCHEDULE

I work full-time in addition to other obligations. Understand that I have no intention of being negligent, but I can and do "disappear" at times. You're always welcome to leave me a message and I'll get to it as soon as I have the opportunity.

In general, my replies can be sparse. Posts will come to you weekly at worst. However, once I have a feel for the plot and partner, my replies are much more frequent and you may even get multiple posts a day.

Ghosting and bailing is totally understandable. I get it; commitments change, mental illness rails you at a bad time, we turn out not to be compatible, a more appealing plot comes along, etc. Don't ever worry about feeling like you need to make a commitment to me at the exploration stage and don't ever feel like you have to explain yourself, because it happens and it's normal. All I ask is that we leave it on a note that you tell me you're safe and okay; I've had partners disappear due to not-great circumstances and it was rough. Hopefully that's something that can be accommodated.

That said, I don't ghost often, when I do it's because I've forgotten or I'm in a bad way in terms of health. In the past few years I've been working hard at being transparent about these experiences, but sometimes I slip or feel embarrassed. I plead for your patience in matters like these.

• • • • • • III. PAIRINGS

Sexuality depends on the character. My OCs all have their own unique identities and I don't see fit to betray those just to make smutting more accessible.

Smut's a swell thing and I enjoy writing it on the stipulation that it's not all the RP is about. Good god, I love me a slow burn that leads up to things explosive and sensual. However, some of my greatest pairings were lost when they devolved into nothing but smut intersected by slice of life. Neither theme is necessarily bad, but I'd prefer they don't gunk up the works.

I can and will double upon request!

• • • • • • IV. LITERACY

Admittedly my writing is not as wholly consistent in quality as I'd like it to be. Sometimes I'm prosaic; sometimes I'm clipped and dry. I can say though that I am consistently a literate, paragraph+ writer. Cranking out 3-4 is my average but I've been known to break Skype on occasion.

All of my writing is done from the 3rd person and for some reason other perspectives squick me out, so I'd prefer to write with a partner comfortable using that perspective.

• • • • • • V. CONTACT

Being able to chitchat and enjoy a friendship with my RP partners is really great for my creative process. Headcanons, ideating, joking around, even inventing AUs gets me pumped to write. Without it, I periodically lose steam. So please, by all means, drop me a line and introduce yourself or show me a picture of your pets!

If you're not comfortable with that, that's okay too! I will still look forward to seeing your posts and posting for you.


Thank you for your time! Without further ado, my current plot on-tap;


user posted image
art made for me by ohm

In the mid 1980's the Soviets and their allies invaded North America and within months penetrated several states deep into the nation. At this tipping point, one of the countries involved in the year-long bloodshed unleashed a atmoic warhead. This event triggered a global response from every nuclear capable nation in the world. The two primary nations, the USA and the USSR were carpet bombed. Many small countries were blown entirely off the map. It's unknown who the instigator was, but it hardly matters.

Very little of humanity survived after most cities were eviscerated by nuclear warheads and the rest of the globe wracked with standard intercontinental missiles. Survivors of these disasters are those who sought underground (or in some cases extreme above ground-) shelter. Among those fleeing the blasts, a soldier from Western Ukraine slaughtered several civilians in order to lead his men into the safety of a rural fallout shelter. While in the 5-year stocked bunker, they held the resident civilians hostage and implemented a system not unlike that of their communist homeland; something the Americans found disagreeable on principle alone. His leadership was firm and honest, and heavily tainted by the massacre he committed on the way in. The residents, whose resentment for the man never wavered, called him, "The Bolshevik."

Most radiation dissipated within two to five years, but survivors emerged to a world unlike anything they left behind in 1986. Growth and decay had sprawled over their nation unhampered by man. The power grid was inoperable and the declension had been exponential. Radioactivity ceased to be the survivors' most pressing concern as they found themselves strangers to a derelict world. Food is scarce, electricity is non-existant, hand-packing shells is a necessary survival skill, and fuel is conserved for generators, only to be used in times of extraordinary need. The primary mode of transport is hoofing it on foot or horseback.

When the Bolshevik and his men left the fallout shelter they traveled south and disappeared. His departure left the survivors of the bunker he took over -- as well as survivors from other shelters -- free to establish a settlement six-hundred-people strong, called Perdition.

Perdition possesses a puritan viewpoint and it's citizens are god-fearing save for a few who abandon it or live quietly with their unbelief. Governed by a council of elders who serve all leadership roles from religious, to civic, to judicial. The town is organized into three distinct rings, each more heavily walled than the last. The inner ring or, "Residency", where homes, the church, the school, and hospital are clustered together. The mid ring or, "Agg" where patches of farmland are maintained along with the militia training barracks and waste management. And the outer ring or, "Cordon" where the militia patrols heavily but doesn't maintain the settlement's primary laws. Here, there's a trading post, a ramshackle bar, and even a swanky bordello with an underground hotspring. The settlement bans former Soviets and communist allies from its two inner rings, but allows them into the outermost where trade can be conducted. The Bolshevik is banned expressly by name from all rings.

Outside of Perdition, most people are heavily armed vagrants with moral compasses made from roulette wheels. Some travel alone or with a single companion, some travel in small outfits of up to five or six, but some establish hardy factions that adopt their own monikers and establish bases of operation. Among them, Misery, a faction divided into two wings; defense and medical. Based out of an abandoned airfield the faction grows medicinal marijuana. While marijuana is unwelcome in Perdition due to the settlements puritanical beliefs, it still manages to get in through the outer rungs of the town.

The faction later evolved to develop medical supplies and train medics, doctors, and surgeons under Perdition's former surgeon and medicine extraordinaire; Karen. Karen's awkward sociopathy made her an uncomfortable resident in Perdition's stringent culture, but she found her place falling in with the marijuana growing miscreants of Misery along with other defectors from Perdition. And, of course, their leader; The Bolshevik.

The Cute Critters Collection

For those who like a little more 'fi' in their sci-fi. We can throw in mutants and potentially radiation-fried zombies. Among these monstrosities I have ideas for things as almost reasonable as a giant kingfisher that picks people up and whacks them on trees and rocks to liquefy their insides and eat them whole, all the way to things as creepy and unreal as impish critters whose presence somehow lulls its victims into a state of absolute tranquility where they down for the creature to eat them alive.

The extent of weird mutated things and how dangerous they are is up to you. I have tons of ideas at the ready and I'm also excited to see what else we can add to this menagerie.

The Philandering with Physics Parcel

Let's throw in some extreme sci-fi oddities like patches of anti-gravity in the middle of the wastes where massive boulders and sometimes bodies drift helplessly in 0G, eternally smouldering buildings, chasms throbbing with live organs that grow on the walls, barren outcrops of heavy static electricity, cherenkov blue storms, or hotsprings with low-key healing properties.

This is for those of you who want the environment to take on twists beyond just being the remnants of a warzone. As always, please feel free to throw in your own ideas!

"He was like nature, good, wild, and sometimes cruel. He had all the moods of nature: beauty, timidity, violence, and tenderness.

Nature was chaos.


user posted image

F A C E C L A I M: For those who prefer it, I imagine him as a slightly older Jared Keeso with a build close to that of Hafthor Bjornnson.

Docility towards superiors, wariness towards strangers, and discretion in all else. Utterly mischievous when the opportunity arises, and usually one to go out of his way to help others. His friendliness should by no means be mistaken for ineptitude. A man of his word who will strive to keep any promise he makes, even at great personal risk.

Claimed to be possessed of a ferocity and darkness that exists only in the deepest recesses of hell; Des could very well be considered Perdition's public enemy #1. He wrestles with his actions and attitudes, wavering between excusing his violence in exchange for his men's lives and being consumed by remorse. At night he's plagued by nightmares.

Despite the torrential inner conflict his outward behavior runs from laconic and firm to puckish. He is energetic and in need of constant work or duty to fulfill himself. Failure to expend this energy can result in a choleric mindset, hyper-activity, and often an deficit in his attention-span (he is not confirmed as either ADD or ADHD.)

Des is, for all intents and purposes, one of my few mostly-straight male characters. The only hard pass I see here is any soldier in Misery. He wouldn't take advantage of his command to hook up with a subordinate. However, members of Misery's medical group are exempt from this rule, so medics, chemists, pharmacists, and trainees working under Karen could be a fair choice.

A very interesting match would be a defector from Perdition looking to escape something. Someone who ends up making their own contract with Misery by exchanging safety for a number of rare goods or some other arrangement. Or they could come by to try getting Karen to return to Perdition.

Even just someone important he finds passed out in swamp mud and hauls back home.

Friendship is easy for this big guy. Honestly you could propose just about anything. Punch him in the face he'll be your bff.


SKYPE: suessentchen • DISCORD: basalt#2981 • EMAIL: • RPR: Basalt
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