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 Trash Dad needs a trash kid., For story driven, real time Rp.
 Posted: Mar 26 2018, 08:03 PM

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Before I get into the details, please, please read all of the information before contacting me.

What is a trash kid?
That's just a fun way of saying any kid around 13 that needs a big friend. I'm looking for a character young enough to still need support but old enough to be independent. Rowdy, stubborn children are a plus, but I'm open to all kinds!

Who is Trash Dad?
This guy! Alf. He's a good dude, but he needs improvement. Sometimes he yells too much and makes stupid decisions.

Okay, what's the setting like?
It's a mess. I enjoy panfandom and my current story arc has Alf going places like Gotham City and visiting the arcade world from Wreck it Ralph. I'm interested in modern fantasy, and a player who doesn't mind a splash of other things when whimsy takes us there.

What's the pacing like?
I enjoy real time Rp best. I struggle with slow posters because I often lose my drive for a scene after a day, so I'm really looking for someone who can fire posts back and forth in the evenings or late at night (after 9 pm central USA time).

How about post length?
I tend to reflect whatever my partner gives me. Sometimes I can get pretty lengthy, but on average I find my comfort zone is around two paragraphs.
Just give me more than two lines and something to respond to. I'm about quality over quantity.

Grammar, spelling?
Iiiii need those things. Yes. I'm looking for people who can match my skill level. Please capitalize those Is and use spell check at least most of the time.

Where will we Rp?

What kind of story?
Dunno! I like to throw two characters in a space together and see what happens. They'll write their own.
I am not looking for a romantic story or storylines that focus on abuse. I don't mind if your character has a dramatic past, that can make things interesting! ...but Alf is not going to physically abuse your kid OC, and I personally don't want to read hyper-detailed abuse. He MAY hurt their feelings, but he doesn't hit things smaller than him. Expect laughs instead and maybe a little ugly sobbing.

18+ players only.
I'm 32, and the age gap is getting so big. I'm sorry, but this is no budge. I won't Rp with you if you're 17 and 11 months. I want to drop my F-bombs freely.

I'm looking for a click.
Meaning, I'm looking for a player that clicks with me and a character that clicks with Alf. Not everyone will be a match. We'll start with something spontaneous and non-committal, but please keep an open mind, it may not work out!

And I need maximum chill OOC.
I'm looking for players who have maximum chill OOC and can handle being told no. Someone who can accept it if our styles don't match, you know? If radio silence or unresponsiveness can ruin your day, we are not a good match.

Sample Post.
Here's a sample of my writing, to give you an idea if I'm what you're looking for.

She was upset, understandably, and she was hitting him. She was honest to god wailing on his knee with a shoe.
Alf watched. Her shoulders were barely high enough to reach his belt buckle. It was magic. Did she really think that was going t-
His knee gave out
"HnnK!" It buckled forward and he had to shift his weight to stay balanced.

Getting old sucked. His leg could go weeks and be fine, then get feather dusted and just give up. He dug his claws in and gave her a Devil's glare over the curve of his belly.

"I didn't eat him." Alf finally admitted. He crossed his arms. "I just stored him for later. Then, I'll eat him." He'd made an art of blowing things out of proportion, and he was feeling ornery.

Kids made him nervous. They threatened to point out his glaring flaws, and the first hour with one was so crucial. Fear had to be deeply ingrained or it wouldn't stick.

He was also genuinely against the idea of chasing another child across dark, deadly hills because it ran when he told it not to. He had Robbie's best interests at heart, he just hadn't un-blurred the line between making empty threats and good parenting.

Interested? Here's how to contact me!
FIRSTLY, there's two things I want from you when you contact me. A sample post, and a description of the character you want to use (or a link to a character page).
I know this is asking a lot, but I've been advertising for a while and I am a tired, tired animal. I find this is the best method for me.

Discord has been fussy lately, so you are welcome to send me a message here on Barbermonger, or find me on this server as GreekCeltic.
Friend requests don't always go through- which is why I suggest going through the server. If that's not your jam, my discord is GreekCeltic#3581

Gosh, that's a lot of text and it all looks super specific. I am actually a really laid back lady, I've just been hunting for a while and know what I want. Please don't let shyness stop you from giving me a holler. Some of you shy folks are the best players out there!
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