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 Leadership Roles for High Fantasy Game, Panfandom Fantasy, 18+, Relaxed Roleplay
 Posted: Jun 4 2018, 12:27 PM

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Looking to Fill Leadership Roles!

Our High Fantasy, Panfandom Game, Far and Away is looking to fill some of it's leadership roles! Most of these roles are pretty open ended, so you can play around with them as much as you want barring the required details!

Please note that these are considered important characters for the site, and if you vanish from Far and Away, we will keep the character you created for the role to adopt out to someone else. Please do not apply for these positions unless you are okay with this.

Considering the nature of these characters, we are only accepting original characters for the roles at this current time. Thank you!

You can find more about how to apply for them in this post here, and the general game itself here! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! PMing would probably get you the quickest reply, however, since this site doesn't always alert me of new forum replies.

The City of Ziggurat
Looking for a King to compliment Eleonore von Falkenstein as Ziggurat's Queen! The King must be human, but other than that details are up to the player. Eleonore's player would like to brainstorm with anyone taking this role before it's creation.

The Old City, Our City Beneath the City
Species representatives are what we're looking for here. There can only be one representative for each species within the council-- one vampire, one werewolf, and so on and so on. Currently all species representatives are open. The types of creatures we are looking for here are of a darker, though not necessarily evil assortment-- your traditional and not so traditional monsters and haunts.

These representatives act as a loose 'council' that really only gets together when there's an emergency. Their main job is keeping the general peace between their people and everyone else.

Waywalker, Humble town on the Edge of a dangerous forest
The Lord or Lady of Waywalker is an elected official. The title is not passed on by blood, but is a lifelong position. When the old Lord or Lady dies, a new one is chosen from the people of Waywalker. The position of Lord or Lady is still open.

Waywalker is a place that welcomes all sorts, and the Lord or Lady may be any species.

Treehome, for those of the spirt of the wood
Treehome is led by a council of ten individuals who are considered the wisest of their time. This is not a lifelong position, and other council members can vote an existing member out by majority vote. The council can be of any species, but those not considered 'highborne' are exceedingly rare and must be paragons of their kind to have been accepted.

Alura, the Beast City on the Wall
The Wall, being as large and spread out as it is, has fallen to being ruled by feudal lords and ladies. Their section of the wall often reflects their nature, and territories are constantly being won and lost. It is a hard life, and one easy to lose if you're not quick on your feet.

Not all of these individuals are bad, though some certainly are distasteful individuals. Others rule their sections of the wall with a firm but fair hand. We are currently looking for three of these individuals-- one for each side of the wall. These individuals should all be Beastfolk such as talking animals, werewolves, centaurs, horsemen and similar creatures.
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