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 MCU & Detroit: Become Human, Email, 18+, canon/oc
 Posted: Jun 8 2018, 11:15 AM

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hi there! i'm currently looking for someone to write in either the mcu or detroit: become human universes.

Some rules and preferences before getting into details:
  • i only RP over email. i do have discord for ooc purposes, though i will not rp over it. if you'd like to use it, please let me know in your initial email, or include your discord handle and i'll add you!
  • i ask for at least three posts per week, though more is certainly all right. i promise the same, though how often i reply will, ofc, be dependent on other rps and my own irl schedule.
  • i like posts that tend towards the longer end of the spectrum - 3+ paragraphs per character, please.
  • i'm only looking for canon/oc pairs. you will not convince me to play canon/canon pairs for d:bh and i have very few canon/canon pairs for mcu that i'm willing to play. sorry not sorry.
  • i play any pairing dynamic, though my own for the most part will be m/f.
  • as far as limits are concerned mine are fairly standard (toiletplay, bestiality, incest, pedophila, extreme gore). please note that i enjoy my smut; if you prefer fading to black i am not the partner for you. kinks can also be discussed if our aim is something more for smut than plot. For this reason i ask that my partner is 18+.
  • i'll happily double on characters (or more). if you're willing to play canons for my ocs, though, that would be great too.
  • i freely admit i'm in the market for rps that are heavy on the smut; if that's something you're interested in please feel free to let me know! that's not to say that's all i'm looking for, though! even if we include a lot of smut, i do want at least some plot in there somewhere.
  • details about smut v plot can be discussed. i want us both to enjoy this, after all.
  • i'm very au friendly! this is especially true if we're playing something less focused on plot c;

will write: thor, peter quill, vision, tony stark, hela, thanos, kaecilius; (i'm not as keen on these folks, but i won't refuse to write them) bruce banner, steve rogers, natasha romanoff, wanda maximoff. i have no real desire to write bucky barnes, t'challa, peter parker, loki, or dr. strange for you. :c

looking for you to write: loki, dr. strange, hela, thor (loki and dr. strange are my top choices, just fyi)

please ask if i've not mentioned the character you wanted to write opposite! please also note i've seen all the mcu movies thus far.

detroit: become human

i've played most of the game, though i'm sure i've missed several parts still. looking to write mostly opposite connor. would try markus or kara or maybe others for you? please ask and we'll see what we can do c:

if i've piqued your interest at all please don't hesitate to reach out -- though people who disappear in the middle of plotting or after i've sent the intro need not apply.

also, please note that when you contact me i would like to get the ball rolling; tell me what you're looking to play, which characters you want to write/write against, limits, preferences, and anything else you think is important.
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