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 [Email] Trashy romance plot
 Posted: Jul 2 2018, 05:38 PM

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Hello there, people!

I'm looking for a partner for a plot I have been craving. Before I hop into the plot, though, I'll get a few things out of the way.

About me:

+ Older than 21;
+ Work full time;
+ Write solely through email;
+ Don't use IM;
+ Post roughly once a day;
+ Like longer, more involved posts;
+ Ditch-friendly (just let me know so I can reopen the request);
+ English is my second language, but I've got a decent enough grasp and welcome correction.

What I'm looking for in a partner:

+ Older than 21;
+ Understands real life gets busy;
+ Is okay with writing and plotting being done through email;
+ Posts in a timely fashion (anything from once a day to a one or two times a week is fair game);
+ Likes to write longer, more involved posts (I'd say about 3 paragraphs, though if we're on a quicker back and forth posts can be shorter to get more out of the session);
+ Is open about telling me if you don't want to do this anymore - no questions asked, no guilt-tripping from me;
+ Doesn't need to be a native English speaker, as long as there's a decent grasp on grammar and spelling.

If you're still there after this list that probably makes me sound high maintenance, here's the rough outline of the plot I'm looking to write:

All right, bear with me here. I know this is trashy, dramatic and all that jazz, but well. I'm trash, sorry. I was born trashy and I'll be trashy for as long as I live.

Character 1 (male, single) desperately wants to have a child, but he physically can't. He's pretty depressed because the woman he loved left him due to his inability to give her a child, and he's at a very low moment in his life.

Character 2 (female, equally single) doesn't want a child, but she's pregnant with one (I'm thinking early enough that she's not actually showing) and has no idea what she'll do with her life, as the father of her baby is either married or just not supportive and told her to go take a hike and not come back.

1 and 2's paths cross when 2 is involved in some sort of accidentally that (temporarily or permanently) wipes off her memory of recent events, including the fact that she's pregnant and whose baby it is. 1 then decides, well, I'll take this girl home and tell her it's his baby - that will work out, right? We can decide what happens from here. If she slowly remembers, remembers everything all of a sudden, never, remember after she's fallen for him, etc.

I'm looking for someone to write character 1, and probably have this happen a little to the past, when it wasn't very easy to just adopt as a single man or have a baby through IFV/surrogate, whatever else. Details can and should be discussed.

If interested, please drop me a line at, and let's get this going!

Thank you for reading!
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