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Mar 26 2018, 03:57 PM
Hey, hi, hello!

I came down with a cold (slash plague-like virus) the same week TLJ came out on digital which means between fevers I was binge watching it, and now the urge to write is out of hand. Let me get this out of the way:

I am looking for someone interested in playing Kylo Ren, for a ReyxKylo pairing set after TLJ (with, or without the ending tweaked - more on that below). I prefer mature themes, but I'm not looking for full on smut/erotica. I much prefer a plot and a story with that sprinkled in. I'm fine with things being a bit dark, but also happy with some sort of redemption arch happening.

That being said, I am more than happy to double up and have multiple pairings happening - let me know what you're looking for!

As far as plot ideas, I hate planning out every single detail - I like to get a solid starting point and let things organically take shape from there. I'd love to hear your ideas, I've personally been toying with a few:

- A few months (six? eight?) after TLJ, and that pesky Force bond has gone no where. In fact, it's even more present, and it is becoming clear it will not just disappear and the more they try to block the other out, the more it persists. With Kylo the supreme leader, and Rey the face of the Resistance, this is clearly problematic.

- In the throne room, Rey take's Kylo's hand. Ever the optimist she hopes to hold onto those shreds of light she saw inside of him. We could decide how well that works out.

- Again, after TLJ, Rey has successfully helped build up the Resistance and it's allies but there are few spots in the galaxy they can hide. The First Order, with their new Supreme Leader, tracks down the planet they're using as a base. An offer is extended, Rey joins Kylo (for the sake of him teaching her, as he desires) and her friends are safe. Rey would obviously sacrifice herself for them.

Like I said, these are just ideas!

A little about me? I'm in my twenties, I work full time but I still find time to reply! My work is stressful, so writing is a good way for me to unwind! I'm also laid back, I'll never nag you for a reply/get on your case. I'm looking for something fun, and mutual respect goes a long way!!

If any of this sounds like your jam, send me an email!
Oct 10 2017, 12:04 AM
Hey, hey!

I just watched the new Star Wars trailer and I've got all sorts of inspiration happening right now. I'd really love to do something Kylo x Rey themed. I can't help it, I don't have an excuse.

I'm thinking we could do something spun off that lovely trailer, where Rey seeks him out for guidance? Or perhaps we go darker and he forces her to join him? Honestly, I'm up for whatever!

I'd like to play as Rey, and as mentioned I'm hoping for someone up for taking the role of Kylo. If there's another pairing (canon characters or otherwise) that you'd like to mix in for doubling, that would be fine too!

I always feel obligated to add an about me section... Erm, well I'm in my twenties, writing is my stress relief from a very hectic job, and one of my degrees is in English so hot damn I can string together some sentences! I like a couple paragraphs per reply, but I can go longer or shorter depending on the preference of my partner, and the situation.

If you're interested in this, send an email my way!

**Update 12/26**
I haven't seen TLJ (honestly, what is wrong with me?) but I still am stuck on this and would love a few roleplays revolving around it! I'm just hoping maybe more people will be on the same page now. Ha.
Feb 10 2017, 08:27 PM

Basically I've just really got the urge to write. I'm in grad school and at that point where papers aren't exhausting me and I have free time, and some downtime at work too and I just need a creative outlet! I know it's not helpful when someone is down for whatever, but truly if you've got a plot you might as well send it my way!

I'm probably someone who leans a bit more toward angst and drama, but with some fluff mixed in. I don't mind smut, but I'd like some plot to work with as well. I'm a pain and prefer to play female characters or to double -- but I do genuinely enjoy doubling, and tend to add in side characters quite a bit to keep things moving!

For the sake of giving you lovely people something to work with, here is a rambling list of things I'd be into that by no means covers it all:

Historical/Medieval-ish - love some royal family drama.
Modern settings with some drama added like celebrity (real or fake, I don't care) x normal person, or husband x mistress, or maybe a relationship for PR, or a stylist who gets too attached or a modern arranged marriage (I warned you this would be rambling).
Harry Potter - I like dark post war themes here, where the baddies won.
Inu Yasha - always a sucker for this, especially love some Sesshomaru x Kagome magic.
Star Wars - shamelessly love Reylo but we'd need a good ol' plot for it - also always down for an oc and someone playing Kylo with an apprentice sort of plot. Again, I like angst and dark so keep that in mind.

Uhhh, yeah. So likely that list didn't help - but just email me and let me know what you want to do. Haha.
Jul 19 2015, 01:40 AM

Updated 9/15/2015 with a new cravings list <3
Hello! (I tend to ramble a bit so I'll bold the important bits for you skimmers!)

I'm down to two-ish amazing roleplays and a lot of extra time so I would love to find a few more!

Some quick notes about me:

I'm in grad school, so sometimes I get incredibly busy and go a few days without a reply - I try to give you a heads up if this is going to happen, but if you don't hear from me after a day send me a quick note to make sure my email didn't eat yours.

However please please don't send me a million emails if I don't get right back to you - it literally drives me crazy. I'm the kind of person that generally tells you if something isn't working out, but if you send me your post ten times, and then another ten asking if I got it, and then another ten asking why I haven't answered and it's been less than 24 hours since you sent your post in the first place... I'm probably going to eventually (as in, I'll overlook it a couple times but really) block your email instead of dealing with it. And sending me an email from another email is probably not the route to take. Neither is emailing from another email pretending to be someone else and saying "soandso asked me to ask you if you got her email." Again, I'm in grad school and this is how I decompress and being harassed for a post is such a downer.

Can you all tell this happened recently? Haha.

I also have no limits, but don't mind yours at all. I roleplay mxf (I never really got into //), and to get it out there I prefer to take the female role or double. And I do love doubling, so it isn't an issue at all - I'm just selfish and love female characters and like to play one! At least I can admit it!

I write about 1,000 - 2,000 words for an intro and anywhere from 700 - 1,500 words for a post, if that matters. If you prefer shorter (paragraph or two) replies just let me know and I'll work with it, but I do genuinely appreciate at least a solid paragraph, per character, per post. This is just because I have a hard time writing less than that, and then I feel like I'm putting forward a ton of effort and not getting any back.

OKAY. Now that that's out of the way, I promise I'm a really nice person.

Here are my current cravings (note: these aren't thought through plots, just things I'm currently feeling that we could create a plot around):

Something bandom themed - I love this from back in the neopet days. Any band you can think of I'd probably be up for, from the All Time Low, Fall Out Boy realm to new things like One Direction.

Something with royalty. Be it historical or modern (sort of like the show The Royals on E!). I love drama and scandal, maybe a arranged marriage? I don't know! I told you, I haven't thought this out completely, haha.

Judge me all you want, but I'm a grad student who binge watches Netflix and late last night I stumbled across Inu Yasha and I used to love a fandom roleplay of that show! I was always a big fan of Sesshomaru x Kagome (I'm a sucker for an odd pairing) but if this is something you're interested in we could sort out roles and all that.

Harry Potter would be fun if it was something dark - perhaps post war, Harry Potter is dead and all that?

Man, when I started writing this I felt a lot more organized than this rambling mess. Basically, I just would love to write with someone!

If you have an idea you're dying to try out, email me. Nine times out of ten I'll give it a shot.

So... yeah. I'd love to hear from you!

Mar 19 2014, 03:48 PM
Okay! So, it's been awhile! I got a huge response, forever ago, and that's trickled down into three or four super awesome and amazing people but of course I'm always up for more!

Bandom used to be such a huge thing and now it's like pulling teeth to track people down! Anyway, as mentioned, something with One Direction would be lovely -- but I also enjoy Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Cobra Starship, etc.

Important bits: I prefer to play female or double, but doubling usually works better anyway. I have no limits but I'll respect yours!

If I'm not online on AIM just send me an email and tell me to get there!

AIM: xxnewxxcancerxx
(awkward ten year old AIM screen name)

Just harass me if you have any questions. <3<3
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