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Jun 29 2018, 08:47 PM
      Hi! I'm Cherrie. It's nice to meet you. My discord is voidfish#6390 and my age is twenty three. So I'm an adult type person who can write whatever we want . ( Within like , common sense and decency? Obviously, nothing that involves underaged smut or something.)

      If something's particularly interesting to me, I really wanna write it out, I'll underline it. If a character's listed as my character then I want to play them, otherwise I'll bold characters I'm partial to playing.

      about me

        I’m not my characters. You’re not your characters.

        As far as fandoms, I think original characters and crossovers can be really fun, depending.

        Obviously I’ll pass on godmodding. I dunno who enjoys that.

        My posts are never shorter than one paragraph and generally don’t drop down below three paragraphs long.

        I only roleplay in third person, but past or present tense is fine, as long as we both match.

        To be honest, I'd prefer to roleplay with other legal adults.

        My favorite as far as romantic pairs? M + F; I play the woman. But I'll do some M + M and F + F too, with the right plots.

        I like to do some plotting and brainstorming. Doesn't have to be a ton of it; just make sure we’re both on the same page.

      genres + plots

        fandoms: mcu, dceu, harry potter (marauders yay!), fantastic beasts, buffy the vampire slayer, game of thrones, star wars, star trek,stargate: atlantis, sherlock.

        fandoms (setting only): the sentinel, the elder scrolls, fallout, dragon age, mass effect, the magicians.

        genres: fantasy, urban fantasy, arthurian, myths, high fantasy, low fantasy, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, science fantasy, science fiction, dystopia, aliens, time travel, post apocalyptic, alternate history, real life, fairytales, crime, gothic.


        general: alternate universes, politics, engagement, wedding, supernatural creatures, arranged marriage, undercover work, forbidden relationships, fake relationships, secret relationships, toxic relationships, roommates, pregnancy, dysfunctional relationships.

        dating catwoman, tension, bonds, courtship, masquerade, trapped together, lady and the tramp, opposites attract, marriage, secret relationships, secret admirer, stockholm syndrome, toxic relationships, pampering, people as prizes, possessive behavior, terms of endearment.

        cinderella story, heavy emotion, secret identities, obsession, auction, bodyguard, homosocial environments, special treatment, military, supernatural creatures, found family, dark circus, girl gangs & posses, accidentally married.

        accidental pregnancy, rivals, exes, husband + spouse's ex, neighbors, psychiatrist + patient, father + nanny/babysitter, bodyguard + charge, abduction, slavery, blackmail, enemies with benefits, enemies to lovers, a/b/o dynamics, d/s dynamics, soulmates.

        taboo: age difference, incest, stepcest, fostercest, polyamory, infidelity, jealousy, boss & employee.

        historical: roman centurions, ancient rome, regency era, victorian era, ancient egypt, masquerade bacchanal.

        crime: mafia, spies, mercenaries, assassins, thieves, serial killers, cops + lawyers, kangaroo court, corrupt legal system, prison, prostitution.

        friends: best friends, friends with benefits, best friend + best friend's husband, best friend + best friend's twin, best friend + best friend's father, best friend + best friend's rival, best friend + best friend's widower, best friend + best friend's brother, best friend + best friend's ex, skinny love.

        luxe: decadent deadly court, aristocrats + royals, old money wasps, political dynasty, celebrities, reality tv stars, court intrigue, decadent deadly court.

        physical: jocks + professional athletes, rival athletes, cheerleaders, fraternity brothers, locker room talk, personal trainer + trainee, gymnasts, coach + athlete,

        artsy: theater performers, boy band, girl band, artist + subject, dancers

        academia: nerd + jock, dean + professor, professor + student, roommates, student athletes, experimenting.

        inspired by: pride and prejudice, pretty woman, the kissing booth, the bold type, friends

      marvel + dc

        universes: the house of m, injustice, old man logan, cancerverse, titans of tomorrow, the age of apocalypse, red sun superman, flashpoint, kingdom come 1602, antimatter, absolute crisis, the framework.

        my characters: lois lane, rip hunter, kaldur'ahm, selina kyle, dick grayson, harley quinn, jemma simmons, daisy johnson, raven darkholme, ororo munroe, wanda maximoff, loki laufeyson, kitty pryde, jessica jones.

        ships: lois lane + clark kent, lois lane + lex luthor, lois lane + bruce wayne, rip hunter + jonah hex, rip hunter + vandal savage, kaldur'ahm + conner kent, selina kyle + bruce wayne, harley quinn +bruce wayne, harley quinn + slade wilson.

        jemma simmons + leo fitz, jemma simmons + grant ward, jemma simmons + bucky barnes, jemma simmons + steve rogers, daisy johnson + grant ward, daisy johnson + robbie reyes, loki laufeyson + thor odinson, loki laufeyson + tony stark, loki laufeyson + bruce banner, loki laufeyson + steve rogers, loki laufeyson + bucky barnes.

        polyships: lois lane + clark kent + lex luthor, lois lane + clark kent + lana lang, lois lane + clark kent + bruce wayne, selina kyle + bruce wayne + dick grayson, dick grayson + jason todd + roy harper, jemma simmons + leo fitz + grant ward, jemma simmons + leo fitz + daisy johnson, jemma simmons + leo fitz + daisy johnson + grant ward, jemma simmons + bucky barnes + steve rogers, loki laufeyson + bucky barnes + steve rogers, loki laufeyson + tony stark + bruce banner.

      buffy the vampire slayer

        universes: the wish verse.

        my characters: faith lehane, fred burkle, drusilla, xander harris.

        ships: faith lehane + spike, faith lehane + angel, faith lehane + rupert giles, faith lehane + buffy summers, fred burkle + wesley wyndam-pryce, fred burkle + cordelia chase, drusilla + spike, xander harris + rupert giles, xander harris + spike, xander harris + angel.

      game of thrones

        my characters: sansa stark, margaery tyrell, cersei lannister, jon snow.

        ships: sansa stark + sandor clegane, sansa stark + jon snow, sansa stark + margaery tyrell, margaery tyrell + robb stark, margaery tyrell + joffrey baratheon, cersei lannister + jaime lannister, cersei lannister + ned stark, jon snow + robb stark, etc.

      harry potter

        universes: voldemort won, marriage law, riddle era, marauders era, lightning era, fantastic beasts, pre-wizarding secrecy, no magic.

        my characters: pansy parkinson, hermione granger, draco malfoy, lily potter, bellatrix lestrange, narcissa malfoy, alice longbottom, mary macdonald, credence barebone.

        ships: pansy parkinson + harry potter, pansy parkinson + hermione granger, pansy parkinson + draco malfoy, pansy parkinson + bellatrix lestrange, pansy parkinson + lucius malfoy, pansy parkinson + severus snape, pansy parkinson + ronald weasley, pansy parkinson + walden macnair, pansy parkinson + daphne greengrass, pansy parkinson + tom riddle, pansy parkinson + narcissa malfoy.

        hermione granger + tom riddle, hermione granger + draco malfoy, hermione granger + severus snape, hermione granger + lucius malfoy, hermione granger + remus lupin, hermione granger + fenrir greyback, draco malfoy + severus snape, draco malfoy + harry potter, draco malfoy + tom riddle, lily potter + tom riddle, lily potter + severus snape, lily potter + remus lupin, lily potter + fenrir greyback.

        bellatrix lestrange + tom riddle, bellatrix lestrange + narcissa malfoy, bellatrix lestrange + lucius malfoy, bellatrix lestrange + rodolphus lestrange, bellatrix lestrange + rabastan lestrange, bellatrix lestrange + harry potter, bellatrix lestrange + severus snape, bellatrix lestrange + fenrir greyback, narcissa malfoy + lucius malfoy, narcissa malfoy + abraxas malfoy, narcissa malfoy + astoria greengrass, narcissa malfoy + harry potter, narcissa malfoy + severus snape, narcissa malfoy + sirius black.

        alice longbottom + frank longbottom, alice longbottom + bellatrix lestrange, alice longbottom + rodolphus lestrange, mary macdonald + mulciber, credence barebone + percival graves, james potter + severus snape, alecto carrow + amycus carrow.

        polyships: pansy parkinson + harry potter + hermione granger, pansy parkinson + harry potter + ronald weasley, pansy parkinson + harry potter + ginny weasley, pansy parkinson + harry potter + draco malfoy, pansy parkinson + draco malfoy + hermione granger, pansy parkinson + severus snape + draco malfoy, pansy parkinson + hermione granger + daphne greengrass, pansy parkinson + bellatrix lestrange + tom riddle, pansy parkinson + bellatrix lestrange + rodolphus lestrange, pansy parkinson + tom riddle + lucius malfoy.

        hermione granger + harry potter + ronald weasley, hermione granger + harry potter + severus snape, hermione granger + harry potter + draco malfoy, hermione granger + tom riddle + lucius malfoy, hermione granger + tom riddle + harry potter, hermione granger + bellatrix lestrange + tom riddle, hermione granger + remus lupin + sirius black, hermione granger + remus lupin + fenrir greyback, draco malfoy + tom riddle + harry potter.

        lily potter + james potter + severus snape, lily potter + james potter + sirius black, lily potter + sirius black + remus lupin, lily potter + remus lupin + fenrir greyback, lily potter + severus snape + tom riddle, lily potter + bellatrix lestrange + tom riddle. bellatrix lestrange + tom riddle + rodolphus lestrange, bellatrix lestrange + rodolphus lestrange + rabastan lestrange, bellatrix lestrange + rodolphus lestrange + rabastan lestrange + barty crouch jr, narcissa malfoy + sirius black + regulus black.
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