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Jul 9 2018, 06:36 PM
Hiiii Barbermonger! I fell off the edge of the earth sometime last year after school started getting pretty intense and I got engaged (woo!), and unfortunately ended up dropping the ball on the majority of the threads that I had going on at the time (waah!). Things on my end have finally started calming down and I would be thrilled to start RPing again if anyone will have me c: A little bit about myself:

I’m a twenty-three year old in the PST timezone, and as I’m currently going to school fulltime (though thankfully not working on top of it anymore), I’m usually only able to shoot off between 3-5 replies per week! With that being said, I strongly prefer writing novella-length tags, usually ranging anywhere between 600-1200 words per response. I cannot stress enough that I am a sucker for long and ridiculously detailed responses, and while I totally respect RPers who prefer shorter and more rapid-fire style threads, I would looove to find someone who is equally happy matching me in length and style, so we probably won’t be a good fit if you’re interested in something more laid back writing wise ❤. I promise whole-heartedly that if you enjoy gut-wrenching emotion and/or filthy, dirty smut with more detail than anyone ever asked for, I’m your girl!!

I am one of those shameful RPers who only plays female characters and does not double, mainly because I don’t have time for more than one thread at once, and also because it’s what I prefer and what I enjoy! I’m looking for MXF ships, mainly OCs but a few fandoms as well, all of which I’ll list below in a sec after I get one last thing out of the way: I unabashedly love love looooove writing smut, and will get all sorts of kinky with you if that’s what you’re looking for. I’m also super interested in a lot of the more taboo themes that tend to be avoided, too!! Most importantly, though, I’ll always tell you my limits up front and ask for yours as well, and will one hundred percent respect and adhere to them no matter what they may be ❤.


Harry Potter!! I am always more than happy to dive back into this particular fandom – I’m super familiar with it after having RPed a bunch of it way back in the day, and out of the very few fandoms I’m going to list, this is probably the one I’d be most excited for! As far as canon characters go, I’m down to play either Hermione Granger or Lily Evans and I ship the former with Draco Malfoy, and the latter with James Potter orrrrr a Marauders’ Era Death Eater, if only because once upon a time I had an amazing thread where Amycus Carrow took Lily captive and after a whole lotta angst and Stockholm Syndrome and wanky smut they fell madly in love!! Oh, and I’d also play Gabrielle Delacour as well, though you’d have to come at me for ship ideas as I’ve yet to do very much with her at all!

I would also be open to creating OCs within the HP universe, too!!

Disney! I haven’t written any of this in a loooong time, but if anyone is interested, I have Frozen’s Anna, Tangled’s Rapunzel, and Beauty and the Beast’s Belle up for grabs, and I would prefer to write them with their respective Disney princes ❤.

Original Characters:

I have tooons of ideas for OC plots! I’m happy to play around in both modern day and fantasy AUs – listed below are a few ideas, but I’m definitely open to suggestions as well!

Werewolves – An alpha takes in a human girl he finds injured in the woods and claims her as his own? A werewolf king and his omega consort? An assassin turned spy for his kingdom accidentally imprints on the princess he’s supposed to kidnap and eventually murder? There are soooo many things I’d be willing to do involving wolves and a/b/o, including a lot of the taboo smut stuff that I won’t mention here – let me know if you are interested and I’m sure we can work something out c:

Medieval – Court intrigue and kingdoms!! A precocious princess falling in love with the knight who’s been watching over her since she was young? A handmaiden yearning desperately for her king who’s about to be married to a far-off noblewoman? A ruthless, power-hungry king – perhaps one who is supernatural in some regard – threatening to leave the county he’s about to demolish unscathed in exchange for the young daughter of their monarch? Sooo much!!

Modern day – Anything, really! I love age gaps and forbidden relationships, and I’ve been really interested in mafia/mob AUs as of late, so something along those lines could be great as well! A mob boss and the girl who’s loved him for longer than he’s known, who gets a job working as a dancer at one of his high end gentlemen’s clubs just to get his attention? Or – the pet of a rival mob boss falling in love with her owner’s nemesis?

Undercover detective infiltrating an underground sex trafficking ring and accidentally getting involved with one of its most sought-after escorts? Prostitution stuff in general is something I’m super down for!!

Pregnancy stuff? Open for almost aaaaanything in this vein.

Historical romance – WWII in particular; I’d love to do something with an American soldier and a Russian girl!

I can’t think of too much else off of the top of my head, but if there’s anything that you’re interested in and it seems like it would be up my alley, please feel free to suggest it – I’m always looking for more ideas!

That’s about it, I think! If you think we’d be a good fit, pls don’t hesitate to send me an email at and I’ll get back to you ASAP ❤.
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